Shizuoka Prefecture Western Drone Association was launched.
In the future, we will be able to handle information on agricultural drones, surveying drones, infrared drones, and forest transport drones ~ Please make use of it.

Greeting from the President

ドローンDJI Mavic3
Introduction of drones used by our company
Unit 1
DJI Mavic3
4K, 5.1K compatible, 28x zoom

It was published in the top magazine of the Chunichi Shimbun!

Advantages of entrusting us with us

Examples of Photography

What can we do?

Main Businesses

Aerial Photography Business

Aerial view of a building on a large site
Aerial photographs of large-scale sites such as factories and temples
Aerial photography of buildings, etc.

Inspection Business

Inspection of changes over time of buildings
Inspection of deterioration of solar panels
Deterioration inspection of roof water heaters
Shooting of roof points to guess the location of rain leaks
Understanding the coating status of factory roofs, etc.

Notification Business

Photographing evidence when filing an insurance report due to a disaster, etc.

Real estate registration, change of location, inheritance land, attribution to the national treasury, etc.

Disaster Prevention and Disaster Photography Support Project

Photographing evidence of damage caused by river breaches
Photography of the landslide site
Photographing the actual situation of the embankment
Filming of illegal dumping, etc.

Hands-on Sessions and Lecturer Activities

Wakako Kawagishi, a member of the city council of Mori Town, Shuchi District, told us about the drone experience session held at the riverbed of the town.
While we didn't have much time, many city councilors, people in charge of building town halls, and disaster prevention came to see us.
Many questions were asked, and the meeting was very meaningful.

"We want to operate it ourselves, but we are in trouble because we don't have a pilot."
"I want to see what drone photography is like."

We are looking forward to receiving requests for trial sessions and lecturers from such people!

【Latest information】What is the Insect Information Room?

The Insect Information Room is distributing the latest drone information!
Please register!

Introduction of the aircraft (made by DJI)

We use safe and secure DJI aircraft.
It is a highly reliable aircraft in the drone industry.
Please leave it to us!

Company Profile

Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
No-fly zone flight permit approval
Tokyo Civil Aviation Bureau Operation No. 29877
Comprehensive annual acquisition
Japan Multicopter Association
Proficiency certification number: JMA022051022930
Population Centres and People&Obtain permission to fly within 30 meters of the property, fly at night, and fly beyond visual line of sight

Pilot's trajectory

■ Major Dourron Business-Related Progress Results

◎ 4th Class Amateur Radio Operator
◎Japan CATV Engineer
◎ Class A Fire Equipment Qualification Class 1~5
◎Hamamatsu Drone Club Secretariat
◎Director of the Japan 120 Society
Member of the Iwata City Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Member of Hamamatsu City Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Member of Fukuroi City Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Member of the Kakegawa City Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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business hours 10:00~20:00
Closed on Sundays